Ashiatsu means “foot pressure” in Japanese.

This technique is a deep relaxing treatment.  the massage therapist’s body weight is used to press, sweep, swirl and relax the muscles.  The massage is done mainly with the heel and lateral plantar surface of the foot.  however, the instep, tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges are also used.  A good AOBT therapist needs coordination, balance and a s-l-o-w, smooth, relaxed manner.  A soft foot with relaxed matter.  A soft foot with relaxed manner.  A soft foot with relaxwed toes is the best tool for this style of effleurage movements.

Although practiced for years in Asia and the orient, gravity assited barefoot compression therapies like Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy have  been slow to take hold in the United States where manual hand massage techniques are more prevalent.  However, the multitude of benefits that barefoot compression therapy delivers is making it an increasing popular massage among those who crave and desire  deeper work.  Using different strokes with gravitational forces on strategic points along the body, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy creates the “deepest most luxurious massage on the planet”.


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